Treatment of nodulizers in practical applications


In practice, nodularizer manufacturers believe that nodularizing agents should meet actual requirements and meet various indicators to produce high-quality products. In addition to the apparent density and no inclusions, the nodulizer's chemical composition and element content are also important. Of course, in actual production, the product quality of the nodularizer can also be judged by the reaction of the nodularizing element of the nodularizer in the iron solution. Next, nodulizer suppliers will discuss with us how to handle nodulizers in practical applications?

The low-spheric nodulizing agent spheroidizing method is characterized by using a square tube containing 12-15% magnesium alloy, containing 10-20% silicon, 15-25% magnesium alloy, including 1-2% calcium, and rare earth. 0.5-1%, rare earth iron-containing powder materials, magnesium content does not exceed 5%. The pressure of ferroalloys, the overall nodularizing agent, the materials pressed into the square steel pipe are: magnesium-silicon alloy powder and magnesium slag with a silicon content of 10-20%, silicon-iron powder with a silicon content of 50-60%, and calcium Content or in the form of ferrosilicon alloy; rare earth exists in the form of magnesium-containing rare earth and ferrosilicon alloy, and its content is less than 5%.

The manufacturing process is as follows: firstly, mechanically stir the required magnesium-silicon alloy powder, ferrosilicon powder, and iron powder in the square steel pipe, and then press the steel pipe into the square steel pipe using a press. Spheroidizing agent is used in the spheroidizing device.

Development and production in this area need to attract the attention of major institutions and society. The mobilization of technical and economic forces and the importance to research and development require us to develop.

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