How to add ferrosilicon


Ferrosilicon is an alloy composed of silicon and iron, which is often used as a deoxidizer in steel production. Ferrosilicon products are also relatively diverse, so the prices of ferrosilicon will also be different, and there are many types of ferrosilicon products, such as 75 kinds of ferrosilicon, and 72 kinds of ferrosilicon are common ferrosilicon products. Ferrosilicon suppliers suggest that in order to fully utilize the benefits of ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon products must be properly selected. In fact, ferrosilicon melting is not so easy. Let's follow the ferrosilicon manufacturer and see how ferrosilicon is produced.

Load the vehicle in the prescribed order to make the charge mix evenly. The bulk density of silica is 1.5 ~ 1.6, the bulk density of steel is 1.8 ~ 2.2, and the mass ratio of raw materials varies greatly. Silicon in ferrosilicon has good affinity with oxygen in molten steel, and can produce silicon, thereby eliminating the positive gas in molten steel. However, in the process of ferrosilicon melting, the method of adding charge is also important.

In order to make the charge mix uniformly, the ingredients are coke, silica, and then steel plate. In this way, the charge can be mixed evenly after falling from the feeding tube. The charge has a great influence on melting. The charge is mixed and the hopper is uniform. Store a batch of materials, each funnel stores more than two batches of materials.

Each group of raw materials must be mixed evenly before entering the furnace. It is well known that the proportion of a single raw material is calculated based on the chemical reaction principle of the iron-silicon melt and the composition of the raw materials used in combination with the actual situation. The composition of each batch of materials corresponds to the proportion of each batch of materials. Uniform mixed charge is an important operating condition to ensure the normal reaction in the furnace. If the charge is not uniformly mixed or selectively added to the furnace, this is often referred to as "partial charging" "This has led to the addition of silicon furnaces or coke in local areas, both of which are not conducive to the smooth progress of the furnace reaction and the deterioration of furnace conditions.

From the perspective of the uniformity of the ingredients, the less the ingredients, the higher the homogeneity of the mixture; the more the ingredients, the worse the homogeneity of the mixture. However, small batches bring certain difficulties to batch processing and batch operations. Continuous feeding of small batches is considered not only comfortable by the ferrosilicon factory. In order to control the height of the charging surface, the components and distribution of additional charges must be more uniform. The height of the material must be properly controlled. If the material surface is too high, the electrode will rise; if the material surface is too low, the correct control of the charging surface allows the electrode to enter the charging, thereby increasing the furnace temperature, increasing the crucible, completely preheating the charging and accelerating the reaction in the furnace.

We all know that in the procurement of ferrosilicon raw materials, if there are more impurities in the raw materials, it will affect the quality of ferrosilicon melts and the price of ferrosilicon. Indeed, the impact of wrong feed on the quality of ferrosilicon cannot be ignored. All materials must be weighed according to the specified weight, and the error should be small. If the weighing is not correct, the kiln conditions are not easy to handle, and may even cause waste. It should be carefully performed in batches. The accuracy of the weighing equipment is often checked and problems are corrected or repaired in time .

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