Silicon barium inoculant reduces high manganese slag smelting process and improves mechanical properties


In this issue, I want to share with you the issue of silicon barium inoculant to reduce the high manganese slag smelting process to improve the mechanical properties, of course, everyone is welcome to add more comments.

Inoculants are used in iron, steel, stainless steel and alloys, sulfur and phosphorus, reduction degassing and purification in metallurgy, machinery and additives. In order to improve the mechanical properties and performance of materials, the addition of silicon-barium inoculants can reduce high manganese slag The smelting process improves the mechanical properties of the material and refines the grains.

Calcium-silicon-barium inoculation modifiers are mainly used in hot metal, ductile cast iron, and gray cast iron, and zirconium-silicon inoculation modifiers and silicon-strontium modification agents are mainly used in iron ash. Silicon strontium inoculants play an important role in preventing shrinkage. The addition of silicon, barium and calcium significantly increased the content of graphite nuclei. Graphite is refined to improve the type and strength of graphite gray cast iron. Ductile iron ductile iron castings can make graphite small, round, and improve nodularity. With the ability to resist recession and prevent recession. Wall thickness sensitive, microstructure.

As a breeding agent in the cast iron industry, cast iron is an important metal material in modern industry. It is cheap, easy to melt, has excellent casting properties and good steel casting ability. Adding ferrosilicon to cast iron in a certain amount can Prevent the formation of iron carbides and promote the precipitation of graphite and balls. Therefore, ferrosilicon alloy is an important modifier (helping graphite precipitation) and nodulizer in the production of ductile iron.

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