How good is the heat resistance of the rare earth elements of the spheroidizing agent


The spheroidizing agent contains a variety of elements, which can be divided into many different types, mainly magnesium and rare earths. The beneficial effects of rare earths on non-ferrous metal materials are more obvious in ferroalloys. Not only constitutes the Mg-RE alloy system, but also has a very significant influence on Mg-Al, Mg-Zn and other alloy systems. Do you know that the rare earth iron alloy elements in the iron alloy spheroidizing agent have good heat resistance?

1. Refine the grains, the correct rare earth content can refine the grains of magnesium and magnesium alloys. One is to refine the grains of the casting structure. The mechanism by which rare earth elements are used to refine the casting structure of magnesium alloys is not the effect of heterogeneous nucleation. The mechanism of rare earth elements on the grain refinement of magnesium and magnesium alloys is to increase the undercooling of the crystallization front. Secondly, it hinders recrystallization and grain growth during heat treatment and annealing.

2. In order to purify the melt, the affinity of rare earth elements and oxygen is greater than that of magnesium and oxygen, so it can react with oxides such as Mgo in the melt to form and precipitate rare earth oxides, thereby removing oxide inclusions. It reacts with hydrogen and water vapor in the melt to generate cyanide or rare earth oxides to achieve the purpose of deoxidation. At the same time, it can increase the fluidity of the melt, reduce the shrinkage of the casting, and improve the compactness.

So, do you know how good the heat resistance of the rare earth elements of the spheroidizing agent is. For more exciting information about the spheroidizing agent, follow us and take you to learn more.

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