The influence of spheroidizing agent in cast iron


Spheroidizing agentIt plays a central role in casting, so this issue will share with you the role of nodulizer in detail:

1. The spheroidizing agent has two effects on the tendency of cast iron:

Rare earth is dissolved in molten iron in the form of spheroidizing agent and has a strong influence on the formation of carbides. It is a kind of anti-graphite element. However, adding a small amount of rare earth to the magnesium-based spheroidizing agent can greatly increase the amount of pig iron. When added in large amounts, it increases the tendency of cast iron. This is because rare earths have a strong ability to combine with sulfur and oxygen.

Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon spheroidizing agent makes my country's nodular iron production largely dependent on domestic resources. The use of rare earths has created prerequisites for the development of new composite spheroidizing agents. The extensive use of various spheroidizing elements will create good conditions for the further development and improvement of nodular cast iron production;

2. The influence of spheroidizing agent on the suppression of interference components:

In the spheroidizing agent, the effect of some elements can go to the spherical surface, which is usually called interference element. Interfering elements can be roughly divided into two categories: one is consumable interference elements, such as sulfur, oxygen, etc., which can be easily combined with various spherical elements currently widely used; magnesium, rare earth elements and calcium elements can all be desulfurized and deoxidized Eliminate the negative effects, of course, they will use up some of them.

When the spheroidizing agent contains a certain rare earth element, its sulfur oxide will be very stable, with a small particle size, and it is difficult to float in the molten iron. In addition, the mismatch between these compounds and the graphite lattice is very small, and can be used as heterogeneous precipitation of graphite nuclei. Magnesium oxide MgO is a spheroidizing agent with high melting point, good stability, low solubility in molten iron, but with a slightly larger particle size, it will float to the surface and participate in slag inclusion.

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