How to deal with too much slag in ferrosilicon furnace


In this issue, I will give you a popular science about the causes, hazards and corresponding treatment methods of excessive slag in the ferrosilicon furnace. If you need it, you can learn about it:

Reasons for excessive slag in the ferrosilicon furnace:

1. Sometimes there is a long-term lack of carbon in the furnace, and a large amount of excess silica melts into a viscous slag, which is not easy to remove.

2. Due to the high material level, the depth of the electrode introduced into the charge becomes shallow, the furnace temperature is low, and it is not easy to remove slag, especially the small-capacity electric furnace, which is more likely to cause excessive slag in the furnace.

3. Although the amount of slag in smelting ferrosilicon is small, the slag should be taken out as much as possible when tapping iron, so that the electrode can be inserted deeply. If you do not pay attention to the slag being brought out, too much slag will appear in the furnace over time.

4. Inferior raw materials, such as coke with high ash content or too much sludge on the surface of silica, will also increase the amount of slag.

The danger of excessive slag in the ferrosilicon furnace:

1. The bottom of the furnace rises, it is not easy to insert deeply, and shrinks after drying, the air permeability of the material surface becomes worse, and the furnace condition becomes worse.

2. The bottom temperature of the furnace is low, the tap hole is not easy to open, the furnace smoke does not unlock, the flow rate of molten iron is slow, and the tapping volume is small.

Treatment method of excessive slag in ferrosilicon furnace:

1. For fanatical large-capacity furnaces, consider adding 200-300 kilograms of lime to the surface of the electrode material in the tapping stage, or adding 100-200 kilograms of fluorite to dilute slag half an hour before tapping. A smaller capacity electric furnace can add 30-40 kg of steel chips to facilitate slag removal.

2. When tapping iron, slag should be brought out as much as possible. Small-capacity electric furnaces can also widen the tap hole appropriately to facilitate slag discharge.

3. Pay attention to the condition of the furnace, insert the electrode deep to increase the furnace temperature.

4. Use coke with lower ash content as much as possible. When conditions permit, use water-washed silica to reduce the slagging factor in the furnace.

The above is the problem of how to deal with the excessive slag in the ferrosilicon furnace described in this issue, for your reference only, if you need to purchase rare earth materials, please feel free to contact our company for consultation.

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