Desulfurization with spheroidizing agent


Because of the low sulfur content of molten iron, spheroidizing agents based on tons should be used, but rare earth should also be added. Because rare earth is not only deoxidized and desulfurized, but also has good solubility. Improve matrix strength and neutralize interfering elements. Low rare earth content can promote the nucleation and growth of graphite under low subcooling conditions, but it can also greatly reduce the use of tons. The inclusion content in the matrix is low and is often the source of fatigue fracture. Mass production practice has proved that rare earth slag can not be too high, because the objective existence of rare earth slag is susceptible to the effects of cooling rate, pouring temperature, chemical composition and gestation, which may cause fluctuations. Both the magnesium spheroidizing agent and the rare earth spheroidizing agent having a low rare earth content have deoxidation and desulfurization. They are both strong spheroidal elements and anti-graphite elements. Rare earth plays a leading role in deoxidation and desulfurization. At this time, tons of boiling in molten iron create conditions for deoxidation and desulfurization. The method of inoculation is also not easy. In order to prevent the unevenness of the inoculation process, the size, position and shape of the molten iron must be reasonably determined according to the temperature, composition and cast structure of the molten iron. It must be determined through a series of tests and strictly controlled in production. French experts initially requested that every package of molten iron after spheroidization should be tested for residual magnesium content, and castings can only be poured after passing the inspection.

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