The purpose of the inoculant


The inoculation process is to add a certain amount of alloy material to the molten iron before solidification, so that the existing or newly added nucleation matrix around the molten iron A carbon atom activated microdomain is formed. The high activity carbon atoms are detached from the formation of compounds with iron atoms and tend to transfer to the surface of the nucleation substrate, which can increase the number of effective graphite crystal nuclei. Promote the smooth growth of graphite. The technical means of promoting the graphitization of molten iron by using a specific foreign substance is called a gestation treatment. The alloying substance used is called an inoculant.
       The purpose of gestation:
       1.Strongly increase the graphite core and reduce the excessive cooling of molten iron Degree, refine the grain, inhibit the white mouth tendency of the cast iron.
       2, improve the sensitivity of the section, partially eliminate the internal stress, so that the elements in the molten iron are evenly dispersed.
       3. Control the morphology of graphite, reduce the formation of eutectic graphite and symbiotic ferrite, and obtain medium-sized A-type graphite for gray cast iron.
       4, increase the number of eutectic groups, promote the formation of thin cast tube body, refine and round the graphite ball, improve the spheroidization level of ductile iron.
       5, can better control the metallographic structure of cast iron, prevent spheroidization and decline, improve the casting properties and processing properties of cast iron. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of inoculants. If you need it, please feel free to leave a message or call us!

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