Why can't the ferrosilicon be added?


Si-based inoculants are widely used, and the price of ferrosilicon is relatively low. Below, follow the small series to discuss the question of why ferrosilicon can not be biased!

When the furnace condition is normal, for some reason, in order to insert the electrode deeper into the charge or to stabilize the electrode, more silica is added around the electrode; sometimes the furnace condition is abnormal, and the electrode is added around the electrode. Excessive coke or excessive silica charge, which is electrically biased. This method of operation is wrong and extremely harmful. 1. When adding too much silica charge, the initial electrode may be deeply inserted. If the time is too long, the electrode will be deficient in carbon, the crucible will be reduced, the electrode will be easily lifted, the material surface is not breathable and there is a spurt. Phenomenon, even for insufficient load, the total value of the furnace deteriorates, especially when the iron-phase electrode is present, the consequences are more serious, and the tapping operation is not easy to proceed smoothly. 2. When the coke is added too much, the electrode is easy to rise, and at the same time, other parts must have carbon deficiency, the material surface may be sintered, the gas permeability is not good, and the furnace condition is not normal. 3. The material is unevenly distributed in the furnace, so that the chemical reaction cannot be sufficiently carried out, especially the excessive addition of silica, the reduction rate of silica is greatly slowed down, and the steel scraps are more filled, so that the alloy The amount of silicon contained is high and may even result in waste.

The above is the introduction of relevant knowledge shared by the inoculant manufacturers. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Pengcheng Furnace!

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